Innovation, combined with customer service, quality and value commitments, has transformed Lubechem International into a vibrant leader in the Chemicals and Lubricants market.

Clearly aligning itself with the world’s rapid pace of modern development, the company continues to invest for growing its business.

Lubechem expertise means you can expect not only quality products but also products that deliver all-round performance.

Quality Commitment
ISO 9002:2001


Lubechem develops and manufactures a comprehensive range of technologically-advanced lubricants for a variety of needs that enhance the performance in engines, machineries and other equipments...


Lubechem International introduces a wide range of very high performance petroleum additives, based on components technology, which makes engines, machines and equipments run smoother at optimum efficiency for longer...


In the highly complicated and competitive market, we are determined and committed to meet our customers’ current and special needs through our continuous research and development program...

Note: Product properties and physical characteristics are typical of current production and shown for guidance only. Users should be aware; however, that specifications, properties and recommendations are subject to change without notice.